Our concept

For Locations in the Caribbean, Florida, Puerto Rico, Guam, Boston, Texas, and West Virginia, Exotic Dancer Realty propose 2 types of apart-hostel, from two to four stars, for exotic dancer's travel, for a single night, a week or several months.

Your furnished and equipped rooms with hotel services.
Our apart-hostels perfectly meet the needs of any/all exotic dancer that travels for job purposes.

Our attractively decorated rooms offer family like amenities with a private living area and separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen as well as a business space with necessary connections plus internet.

Naturally, our rooms propose the same services as hotels with, 24/7 reception, daily housekeeping, a leisure area with smoke place, shower and/or bath, a business corner, a laundry room, parking, restaurants near by, etc. Regardless of how long you plan to stay, you enjoy our hostel services!
With Exotic Dancer Realty, you feel right at home!